Today, I’m reviewing Prime Aesthetics Mango Enzyme Peel & Polish.

*PR – This post contains a product which I received for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Before we begin I just wanted to tell you a bit more about the type of exfoliation in this product. So we’ve looked at chemical exfoliation in this post HERE but we haven’t yet discussed enzyme exfoliation. So this product is based on fruit enzyme exfoliation, where the enzymes in fruit such as papaya, mango and pineapple work to nibble away at and dissolve superficial dead skin cells. This can lead to skin that is smoother, looks brighter and is able to absorb the products that you use after it into the skin more easily.

This type of exfoliation can work really well for sensitive skin types and those prone to redness. That’s because it doesn’t require scrubbing at the skin, like with a harsh physical scrub and neither can you over-exfoliate, like you can with a chemical exfoliator. With fruit enzyme exfoliation, it’s impossible to over-exfoliate because fruit enzymes have a cut-off point for dissolving dry and dead skin cells. 

Now you’re all clued up on fruit enzyme exfoliation, let’s get into the review!


BRAND: Prime Aesthetics – this is a specialist skincare clinic based in Kent and they now have their line of products which can be found HERE.

PRODUCT: Mango Enzyme Peel & Polish

INGREDIENTS: See bottom of page.


  • Utilises fruit enzymes from mango for the only method of exfoliation
  • Contains glycerin, avocado oil and calendula extract to help keep the skin hydrated and soothed whilst the fruit enzymes get to work!
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin and those prone to redness
  • Can be used on other areas of the body that require exfoliation

I’ve Got *Insert Skin Type Here* Skin, Can I use It?

This product is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, as stated above! Don’t let the word ‘peel’ frighten you off!

My Experience With This Mango Enzyme Peel & Polish

This is honestly one of the most satisfying products I’ve ever used! Ok, I’ll be honest, I was never one for peel-off face masks, nose strips or any of those other weird products you used to see on Facebook all the time (like what was that black face mask that used to practically rip your brows off with it?!), so I can’t compare it to those if any of you are fans of those types of products. But what I can say, is that out of all the types of exfoliation (chemical and physical), this fruit enzyme exfoliator is the MOST satisfying! To feel your dead skin balling up as you massage the product around your face and then to wash it off and see the INSTANT GLOW that you’re left with, I can genuinely say that it’s up there with how it feels to peel a sticker off a new wine glass without it ripping (we all know how annoying that is!).

I really do look forward to Sundays when I get to grab this product off the shelf and use it! I feel like I’m going for a facial! My husband, on the other hand, is sick of me saying ‘look, just look at the dead skin!’ every time I use it… last week I tried to get him to have a go at massaging it on my face and let’s just say, he wasn’t keen. Men ay, so uninquisitive! 

Another plus, and probably the one most important to acne-sufferers, it’s never broken me out or upset my skin in any way!

What Does It Look Like/Feel Like/Smell Like?

It smells fruity but it’s not in any way overbearing, I actually really like the smell! As for the colour and texture, it’s a yellowy-orange gel, as you can see in the picture below! 

prime aesthetics, mango enzyme peel & polish

How Do I Use The Mango Enzyme Peel & Polish?

So in my current routine, I use a salicylic acid product 2-3 times a week as I am trying to fight off acne. So, I only use this product once a week on a Sunday when I have a big ol’ pamper session! You can use the Mango Enzyme Peel & Polish up to 2 times a week, however. 

I would suggest, to be safe, I wouldn’t use an acid product (so a chemical exfoliant) the day before, of or after using the peel!

In detail, I will cleanse my face in the morning with my Gallinee cleanser (reviewed HERE), then, once my face is completely dry, I will apply the Mango Enzyme Peel & Polish all over my face (avoiding too near the eyes), leave for 2 minutes whilst I make a coffee, then come back and gently massage the product over my skin. Whilst doing this you will feel the product balling up as it binds with the dead skin (see photo below) – it’s SO satisfying!!! Depending on your skincare in the week (amongst other factors!), you may see more or less dead skin cells coming away with the product and that’s ok, skin changes day to day! Once you’re all done and feel no more dead skin coming away, you can use warm water to gently remove the product and then pat your skin dry.

After use I will then pop on a hydrating face mask (currently using SJO happy honey mask) and relax in the bath! After my bath I’ll do the rest of my routine which usually includes my Clinique Face Spray (reviewed HERE) to replenish my skin, a hyaluronic acid serum and then finish off with Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser (reviewed HERE) and of course, plenty of SPF! I keep it very simple on Sundays and just focus on hydration as I chemically exfoliate in the weekdays.

Image from
The result of using the Mango Enzyme Peel & Polish

Gimme The Deets…


100ml = £55 but with code ‘Sam20’ you can save yourself 20% off the total price. You can purchase the Mango Enzyme Peel & Polish HERE.


POA (period after opening) is 12 months and nothing special is required for storage, other than ensuring the lid is properly closed after every use to ensure the product stays active!

Stick Or Spin Again?

Coming in as a fruit enzyme exfoliator newbie, I really didn’t know what to expect but literally after the first use and now 4 weeks later, I’m like… I am sticking with this baby! I will be repurchasing as soon as it’s empty. Yes, it’s quite pricey but with only using it once a week, it will last you ages! Also, whilst in lockdown, this is the closest thing I can get to make me feel like I’ve had a facial and that’s worth it in my books.

I honestly can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this product or benefit from it’s gentle exfoliating magic! Plus, if the price is putting you off, use my code ‘Sam20’ and save yourself £11 off the total price! So, you’re paying only £44 (excluding shipping costs). You can read more about the product and purchase it HERE.

FYI – I don’t get anything from you using the code, it’s simply a saving code for you lucky guys to use!

What do you all think of this product then? I really enjoyed testing and reviewing this product as it’s completely different to any other product I’ve used so far! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Love & Knowledge,

S A M A N T H A 


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INGREDIENTS: Water, Steartrimonium Chloride (preservative – no rating), Carbomer (texture enhancer – good), Glycerin (skin-replenishing/restoring – best), Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil (antioxidant/emollient/skin-replenishing/hydration – best), Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract (antioxidant/skin-soothing – good), Mangifera Indica (mango) Fruit Extract (antioxidant – good), Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil (emollient/texture enhancer – good), Propylene Glycol (texture enhancer – good), Chlorphenesin (preservative – good), Phenoxyethanol (preservative – good), Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative – good), Methylparaben (preservative – good), Ci 19140, Ci 15985 (colourants – no rating), Parfum (fragrance – poor).

*ratings allocated according to Paula’s Choice Ingredient Dictionary and Incidecoder.

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