So, if you’ve read my ‘about me’ section, you’ll know that I’m actually a qualified midwife! 👶🏻🍼 So when the skincare brand, Nursem, reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try some of their products, it really resonated with me.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and do the Nursem Hand Creams Review!

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Who Are Nursem?

Nursem is a British-founded brand specialising in handcare products. The brand was created by a paediatric nurse, Antonia, and her husband, Jonny. Together, over a span of 7 years, they worked in collaboration with British nurses to create therapeutic formulas, designed to look after hard-working hands.

The formulas all contain powerful natural ingredients such as Active Manuka Honey NPA +15, Pro Vitamin B5, Colloidal Oatmeal and Hylauronic Acid to name just a few. They only use actives that are scientifically proven to benefit your skin… which you would expect from a nurse! ❤️

All Nursem products have undergone clinical safety testing and have been approved as having ‘excellent skin compatibility’ for people with sensitive skin. Their products are also cruelty-free and Consultant Dermatologist approved.

Their range includes the Caring Hand Wash, Caring Hand Cream and the Caring Skin Fix (at the date of writing this). I was sent the latter two to try out with no obligation to write about them or post about them. All the thoughts that follow are mine and mine alone!

The Caring Hand Cream

Let me start by saying, this cream is GORGEOUS! It contains medical grade Manuka Honey and white willow extract which both help to sooth sore and inflammed hands. You also have a mix of plant oils, allantoin, pro vitamin B5 and glycerin. These all work to restore strength, improve hydration and moisturisation and bring peace to the skin’s barrier.

The cream itself is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and is naturally fragranced with bergamot, petitgrain and grapefruit essential oils. The smell is INCREDIBLE and makes this cream a pleasure to use!

I’ve been using this Caring Hand Cream morning and night. I often also reach for it throughout the day as the scent is just so comforting and it sinks in so quickly. It has noticeably helped improved dry patches of skin on my hands and it’s a pleasure to use after using washing my hands lots and using gel!

The Caring Skin Fix

So, this one is an intensive formula designed to be used for immediate and targeted relief to any areas with persistent dry and sore skin. Now, I’m not currently working as a midwife so I can’t say that this has been of huge benefit to me as I’m definitely not washing my hands as much as I do when I’m working on the wards. However, I do get odd patches of eczema on my body and face when the whether is colder and if I have my shower’s too hot. So, I can imagine this cream is going to come in super handy as the weather in the UK changes.

The way I’ve been using it instead is, every night before bed, I apply it on my knees, elbows and feet. By doing this, I have noticed that my fake tan has been applying better on those areas!

This cream is fragrance-free and contains avocado oil, shea butter and glycerin which work to create a natural barrier to prevent moisturise loss. You also have hyaluronic acid, pro vitamin B5 and allantoin which work to fuel your skin’s natural ability to repair as quickly as possible.

The Caring Skin Fix a thick cream which requires work to rub into dry patches but is effective. The smell of the cream isn’t my favourite but that’s because it’s not fragranced. Fragrance can cause irritation in some skin types and as this cream is designed for very sore and dry skin, that’s probably why they chose not to fragrance it.

Do I Have To Be A Healthcare Professional To Use These Products?

Absolutely not, these products are intended for all hard working hands! Considering COVID19 right now, I would say that all our hands could do with some TLC!

Nursem actually state ‘Recommended for: All hard-working hands, or anyone who suffers the drying and damaging effects of frequent hand washing’. So there you go!

Another great thing about this brand is something called The Nursem Promise. This promise by the brand states that ‘for every product you buy, we give a month’s worth of free Nursem to a nurse or midwife’. Now I don’t know about you but I absolutely adore this! What a way to help support and show appreciation for our incredible nurses and midwives working so hard!

Where Can I Buy Nursem Products?

You can purchase Nursem hand creams and hand wash directly from their website here. Alternatively, you can find them at Boots, Selfridges, Space NK, Feel Unique and Amazon.

If you choose to purchase directly through Nursem, you can the code ‘SKINACID10’ to receive 10% off your purchase.

Will I Purchase From The Brand?

I already have! I love the ethos behind this brand and so I am more than happy to continue supporting them. By doing this, I’m also supporting our hard-working nurses and midwives – some of which are my former colleagues and friends!

I’ve gone ahead and purchased the large pump-top bottle of the Caring Hand Cream. This way I can leave the big bottle at home and take the smaller one that the brand sent me, on the go!

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