Today, I’m reviewing the Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser. So yesterday I told you about a cleanser that didn’t work for me but today I’m telling you about one that really did!! 

Read on to find out more about this gorgeous French brand cleanser!


BRAND: Gallinée 

PRODUCT: Foaming Facial Cleanser

INGREDIENTS: See bottom of page.


  • Has a pH of 5 which is an optimal range for the skin
  • Supports the skin’s microbiome with the inclusion of ingredients such as alpha-glucan oligosaccharide and inulin (prebiotics). These have an antibacterial action against bad bacteria
  • Brightening and softening thanks to the inclusion of lactic acid (an AHA – alpha hydroxy acid) and citric acid which gently exfoliates the skin
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin thanks to the inclusion of arginine which forms a complex with AHAs to create a “time-release AHA effect” which reduces the irritation associated with AHAs such as lactic acid
  • Soap free
  • SLS-free

I’ve Got *Insert Skin Type Here* Skin, Can I use It?

Gallinée says that this cleanser is gentle enough to be used by even sensitive and eczema-prone skin types so from that I would say it’s suitable for all skin types. However, I do think that those with a compromised skin barrier or those who are acne-prone will get the most benefits from this cleanser. This is due to its inclusion of lactic acid, citric acid and prebiotics. These acids help to gently exfoliate the skin and prebiotics help feed the good bacteria and kill the bad bacteria! 

I fall into the acne-prone camp and can honestly say that this cleanser has been perfect for my skin but we’ll talk more about that in the next section!

My Experience With This Cleanser

From the very first use I was impressed. My skin felt smoother, cleaner and it looked brighter! My skin was also left feeling balanced… now I know that sounds strange but I’ve used enough cleansers to know when your skin is left feeling out of sorts after cleansing. The Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser just left my skin feeling great! It’s also the most gorgeous, fluffy, soft foam! An actual pleasure to massage into my face.

As the weeks went on my skin continued to feel smooth, clean, bright and balanced. There was no dryness or irritation with continued use, just a very happy skin barrier! As for the effects on my acne, obviously I’m using lots of different things to combat acne so I can’t attribute any improvements to just one product but it most definitely did help with calming any redness in the spots that I did have once I introduced it to my skin. I’ve also noticed that when I do get spots, after using this cleanser, the spots don’t feel quite as painful as they usually do! They also usually dry up pretty quickly but I am also using a salicylic acid cleanser at night.

One thing to mention as well is that with foaming cleansers, you totally expect them to dry your skin because, usually, they contain the ingredient SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate – one type of surfactant) but this cleanser doesn’t contain that ingredient. Instead it contains cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate and lauryl glucoside which are other types of surfactants that are responsible for producing those foamy bubbles. These ingredients are milder and generally better tolerated by the skin compared to SLS.

Overall, I’m super impressed and now planning to look further into other Gallinée products.


One thing I have found strange is the inclusion of perfume and limonene in this cleanser. I find it strange because this brand is all about protecting the skin’s microbiome and the skin barrier. So, when we know that these types of ingredients can aggravate some skin types and cause irritation, it seems strange to me that they chose to include them. 

Nevertheless, for me personally I’ve had zero irritation from this cleanser and admittedly, I do really enjoy the fresh citrus scent when I use it each morning! However, that’s not to say that over an extended period of use that I couldn’t develop a sensitivity.

So, I would say this is just something to be aware of if you can’t/don’t use products with fragrance in.

How Do I Use The Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser?

I personally use this cleanser in my AM cleanse only. For no particular reason other than I like to use a salicylic acid based cleanser in the evenings!

I personally think it’s the perfect cleanser for mornings due to its uplifting and refreshing citrus scent – it’s gorgeous and leaves me feeling awake after use! 

However, this cleanser could also be used in the evenings as your 1st or 2nd cleanse since it contains surfactants. Surfactants are what remove the SPF/makeup/daily grime from your face! 

If you want to use this cleanser to remove makeup/SPF, I would do so on wet skin since it is a foaming cleanser and not on dry skin like you would with an oil or balm based cleanser. After use then go in with a milk or gel based cleanser for your second cleanse.

Gimme The Deets…


120ml = £17 and I bought mine from Cult Beauty HERE but you can also buy Gallinee products from LookFantastic HERE and directly through, HERE.


In regards to the time you have to use the product in, once opened, it lasts 12 months. In terms of storage, nothing special is required. 

Stick Or Spin Again?

I have already bought a backup of this cleanser so I think that probably answers this question… but if in doubt, it’s a massive STICK from me! 

Have any of you tried this cleanser from Gallinée? If you have, what’s your experience been with it? If you haven’t, would you consider trying it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Love & Knowledge,

S A M A N T H A 


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INGREDIENTS: Aqua (Water), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (cleansing agent – good), Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate (cleansing agent – good), Lauryl Glucoside (cleansing agent – good), Glycerin (skin-replenishing/restoring – best), Lactic Acid (exfoliant – best), Alpha-glucan Oligosaccharide (emollient – best), Inulin (skin-conditioning – goodie), Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer (film-forming/holding agent – good), Sodium Chloride (scrub agent – good), Citric Acid (pH adjuster – good), Perfume (fragrance – poor), Arginine (antioxidant – good), Sorbic Acid (preservative – good), Sodium Hydroxide (cleansing agent – average), Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate (chelating agent – good), Sodium Benzoate (preservative – good), Limonene (fragrance – poor).

*ratings allocated according to Paula’s Choice Ingredient Dictionary and Incidecoder.

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