Ok so these are all the products that I managed to finish up between the above months! I always find it helpful to see what products people have got through and what they would repurchase!

💗 loved, repurchased
🔮 loved, would repurchase in the future
😘 enjoyed the experience but not repurchasing


💗 @biodermauk sensibio micellar water. You’ll all be glad to know I’ve now just bought a bigger sized bottle 🤣 been using this to remove SPF and light makeup in the evenings. I know lots of people don’t like/don’t approve of micellar water for a first cleanse but it’s working for me right now as I’m following the Skin + Me skincare advice!
💗 @officialmedik8 blemish control pads. Love these and so does my husband! A gentle but effective salicylic acid product. Reviewed HERE.
💗 @cliniqueuk makeup brush cleaner. Not skincare really but I’m now obsessive about cleaning my brushes after every use to help with acne and this stuff makes the task much less painful!
💗 @alliesofskin molecular mist. You all know I love this one! I’m currently trying other mists right now but I’ve already bought a backup of it for when I inevitably return 😉. Reviewed HERE.
💗 @cliniqueuk moisture surge moisturiser. My skin is OBSESSED with this! Reviewed HERE.
💗 @alliesofskin peptide treatment. Incredible, end of! If you get the chance to try it, do it, you won’t regret it! 👏🏼. Reviewed HERE.
💗 @katesomervilleskincare delikate moisturiser. A thick, dreamy moisturiser. I save this for when my skin needs a real big hug in moisturiser form!
💗 @skinandmehq personalised prescription. This was my 1st ever prescription which contained niacinamide/azelaic acid/zinc pyrthione. Super impressed with the results that I got in just 1 month & I’m really excited to see where the journey takes me! A full review will be coming after month 3! If you want to try this personalised skin service yourself you can use code ‘SAMANTHK3DXJ’ to get your 1st & 5th month FREE (you only need to pay £3.50 for the pharmacy fee)!
💗 @olaplex no 4 shampoo. Now I know I said in my earlier review that I wouldn’t repurchase the shampoo/conditioner but with going more and more blonde at every visit to the hairdressers, my locks need every bit of help they can get 🙃🤣 so I’m sticking with it!
💗 @olaplex no 3. Will repurchase for liffeeeee ✌🏻
💗 @milkmakeup hydrogrip primer. Adore this primer! It’s so bloody hydrating 👏🏼. Trying to repurchase this but it’s sold out everywhere and I can’t find it anywhere in the U.K., any ideas where I can find it?!
💗 @katesomervilleskincare blemish treatment. A genuine life saver when it comes to spots. Will forever repurchase this! Reviewed HERE.
💗 @tan_luxe tanning drops. I can’t use this one on my face sadly as they make me break out but I use it to top up my tan on chest/neck/arms in between fully body tan applications. I’m about to start using the pestle and mortar glow drops on my face though so hopefully I have more luck with those ones 🤞🏻


🔮 @larocheposayuki serozinc mist. Love this stuff! As I’ve said I’m trying other mists right now but this one will be bought again in the not so distant future, that’s for sure! Reviewed HERE.
🔮 @typologyparis cornflower hydrolate*. I was obsessed with this stuff!!! Used it every morning on cotton pads to depuff and soothe my eyes before using my eye cream.
🔮 @heritagestorenaturals rosewater mist and rosewater and glycerin mist. Dreamy mists, both do just the job! My fave is the one with added glycerin as it helps to hydrate my skin better. Loved using these right before moisturiser!
🔮 @summerfridays CC Me serum. Reviewed already! A pleasure to use, gave a gorgeous glow & hydrated my skin beautifully. Reviewed HERE.
🔮 @deciem Hyaluronic Acid serum. Reviewed already. A great basic HA serum! Reviewed HERE.
🔮 @theinkeylist squalane oil. A lovely, light & nourishing oil. Nothing bad to say about it at all!
🔮 @alliesofskin Hyaluronic Acid serum. Reviewed recently so you know my thoughts on it! 😍 only reason I’m not repurchasing is because I’ve got 3 other HA serums to try out first! I definitely want to try the reformulated version of this though. Reviewed HERE.
🔮 @ritualscosmetics body cream. Gorgeous smell, a genuine pleasure to use!


😘 Dr Jart ceramidin cream mist. Nothing wrong with the product, we just didn’t click 🤷🏼‍♀️.
😘 Typology 9 ingredient face moisturiser*. My skin didn’t like the coconut oil in this sadly!
😘 Kate Somerville oil free moisturiser. A fine moisturiser, didn’t wow me like Delikate but didn’t upset me either
😘 Zitsticka pimple patches*. Reviewed already & I mentioned that they’re expensive as you only get 8/box. I prefer to use topical spot treatments instead!
😘 Ole Henriksen banana bright eye cream. This product is not really an empty, I couldn’t finish it since after 2 months of using it in my AM routine, the skin around my eyes became itchy, red & irritated! After some research online, it looks like I’m not the only one to experience these symptoms!
😘 Elvive purple shampoo. Fab but not my fave purple shampoo!
😘 UKLash lash serum. Love this serum as you all know, you cannot beat the results I got with it but after trying NYK1 lash force serum, I noticed how red UKLash had made the skin around my eyes and so I’m sticking to NYK1! Reviewed HERE.

Anything marked with * was received in unpaid PR, of course all my own thoughts however!

It’s another monster of an empties post! Spot any of your favourites amongst the crowd? 👀🙋🏼‍♀️ If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned, drop a comment below in the comments section!

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