about me

Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Samantha! I’m 27, live in the UK with my amazing husband, Ben and our gorgeous 7 month old Miniature Schnauzer – Kevin!

I’m a midwife by background but at the moment I’m taking a career break and working with my husband, helping to run his business.

Why Did I Create Skin Acid Trip?

I began this blog during the Coronavirus lock-down because naturally with the increased thinking time I began to analyse what my skincare routine looked like. I realised that I could/should/wanted to be doing more for my skin and in turn my mental health. I also got really interested in what was in the products that I was currently using.

So, I began researching and this showed me that there truly is a wealth of very confusing and conflicting information out there surrounding skincare! I couldn’t believe that a lot of the stuff I thought I knew about skincare was either incorrect or simply not true! 

It was such a frustrating time, I actually went to bed with headaches just thinking about all the stuff I was reading – and I have a background in healthcare! I laugh about it now but at the time I found it so hard because my healthcare brain can’t help but want to understand things fully and not by halves!

And then I started to understand the information that I was reading. So I made changes to my products and my skin changed in accordance. It got better. I simply couldn’t believe the years I’d wasted not researching information properly, I could have helped myself a lot sooner. I could have saved many tears. I could have not cancelled so many occasions and events because of my skin. Sound familiar to you?

So What’s My Mission?

Well during this time of change, I thought that there must be others feeling the same way I do or just totally frustrated with their skin and not knowing how to help it. This got me thinking and I realised that I wanted to help demystify the information out there and I wanted people to experience the joy that I had felt when a product worked with my skin. I wanted to do this, not just for me but for my friends, my mum and for others, like you! And that’s how this blog – Skin Acid Trip, was created. 

If I can help just one of you out there find your best skin and feel confident in picking the right products for you and your skin, then I will be a very happy lady!

I promise to share my no-filter journey & experiences with you as I strive for my best skin. Want to find your best skin too? Join me & let’s learn together.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my social media accounts or here.

And just an FYI all blog pieces are 100% my own thoughts and opinions and if it’s an AD, the same stands!

Love & Knowledge

S A M A N T H A 


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